The 20 Greatest Epic Poems of All Time

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Blank Page 

I like the blankness of Page.

The colourlessness of coloured thing in visible region.

Blankness refers me ,

The innocence of child.

The calmness of Nature.

The opportunity in life.

Time to create memories.

The space to get lost with our thoughts.

Lesson for heart and mind of Stillness .

To keep uniformity ( non duality) in life.

It suggests me,

To live purposelessly .

To play unboundedly.

It encourages me,

To create a beautiful art on it.

To paint it with the colours of feelings.

To provide value to it.

To struggle for nothing.

To get ready for any change .

To find out something that is missing in life.

To fill colors in someone’s empty life .

To make such a clear and pure mind.

To have hope that it will get painted.

To make an incredible painting in this unique life.

To accept the good and bad paintings equally.

Finally , it asks me love like colours , increase the beauty of world.

My Journey till Now ..!

The journey started out of Curiosity.

After Some Academic failure,

Again started searching for aim and meaning of Life .

What’s next ? Was a big question at that time .

Then it all started,

Who am I ?

What is religion?

What is Soul ?

What is God ?

What is absolute Peace ?

Etc. And many more

Something about myself ,

Interest : Don’t know

Hobby : don’t know

Favorite dish : that even don’t know . seriously I eat anything whatever is served .

Aim in life : don’t know

Expectations from life : don’t know

I am like somehow I born and now waiting for death .The End .

Else anything about me : I seriously don’t know .

Main question is Why ?

Why I don’t know anything about me ?what are my strengths and weaknesses: don’t have any idea about that.

I don’t know anything about me but so much curious that wanted to know about every other thing in universe.

So to complete this hunger of Curiosity , reading and exploring became my best friends .

Confused mind in search of knowledge, motivation, inspiration and guidance.

And I was living so called Life .

Started collecting stuff of knowledge, information about religion, Spirituality, peace and this was wonderful journey exploring something new that was amazing, amusing me and asking me to change my mind set, body and habits . it was good change because I believed on the stuff I collected.

Now ultimately wanted to calm the mind but so much philosophies , religions , quotes was coming and shaking my mind . Again I need them to settle the same Wandering mind.

External factors were controlling too much and thoughts of others I believed to be good and accepted without knowing how are they ? , What are they ?

And still this freaking Curiosity of mind is driving me crazy to learn and gain more and more knowledge.

I know all the answers are hidden inside me . just need to relax the mind , understand the things and think once again. Nowadays my condition is I believe in some philosophy then I use to follow that philosophy.

What’s mine here ?


Here I am unable to know anything and want your opinions on this . I just can’t stop thinking anyhow  . I don’t know how will be I in future .


“DESIRES” are main source of Misery.     Here We can say Desires means Expectations (somewhat over). No one in the World may not have any Desire. That’s why many people are miserable (unhappy) with their Life.
What is there in our desires that’s making Us Unhappy and Upset….
Lets Find out…!!!
Desires are Endless. They never Ends and never stops. We always expect something from someone.
We expect love from beloved ones, we expect fun from friends, sympathy from relatives, and Success from what work we are Doing.
What Happens If we Don’t get what we expect.. What we Desires..
We become Upset.
Yes surely,
When I got less Marks in JEE, I lost my expectations from myself,
My parent’s Desires/expectations.
As a Result I was very Upset and Sad….
I thought that why I am upset right now after the results also…. I GOT ANSWER.. That I didn’t Get Marks According to The Expectations.
Very Simple Solution is there
Just Try To Minimize the Desires/Expectations.
But This does not mean that you should not expect but you should be satisfied with what you having.

” Peace “

i will share some of my views… I am damn

Tired of Futile Race.
Man is working, performing any work just for Money. This is making him/her more close to money and a far apart from Real Satisfaction & Happiness.
For the last few days, I am in dilemma that for what should I work, I thought a lot on this Topic which is going to be the moto of my Life..
And I got the answer that
I will work only for Satisfaction
Because you cannot have sleep at night coz of money But only because of the satisfaction of the work you did in whole day. I found that happiness is temporary but Satisfaction is lifelong.
It’s really a good idea for getting peace in life.
Don’t forget that peace and Happiness are two different things.
Happiness can be obtained by money but you cannot get peace by Money or by being Happy.
Happiness is temporary but the peace of mind is permanent.
You can say peace of mind is   Satisfaction…
When you go to any restaurant, you eat anything which you like.
You feel happy that you are eating your favorite dish in hotel. But you will get more happiness and satisfaction in giving the same food to the poor hungry begger.His expressions will give you a real kind of satisfaction you need of.
Try this
So in search of peace, i started my journey along with my best friends Books.
I thought what will happen if someone is not having peace of mind in his life…
Then i observed some peoples.
I talked with them (a general talk).
I spend some time with them.
Then i realised that they are deceiving their heart by pretending like to be satisfied.
This will only show  other people that he is happy but from  mind he is just thinking about What should i do to have a satisfying Feeling.
As many people are busy with their own life they don’t give importance to this.
But when they start rethinking about their life. They see that..
Their Page of Life is totally Blank.
They have added only happiness to it which does not fill any colour to it…..
Think on it
And tell me that upto this moment how many of your actions /works had given you a Life Time satisfaction……

Work Is Worship..

According to the Bhagvat Geeta
“Do your work without expecting the fruits of your Work…”


And always remember..  “Undisciplined Mind acts as Enemy while Disciplined Mind acts as Our Friend..”