आज एक कविता लिहिली . सहज मन विचलित होत असताना सुचली ही कविता . नाव आहे पक्षी .
पक्षी …

मर्यादेच्या बाहेर जावे
पक्षांनसारखे आपण व्हावे .
झेपावण्याचा छंद असावा
मोकळा श्वास जिथे मिळावा.
दूरदूरच्या रानात जावे
मुक्त मनाने भरकटत राहावे .
आनंद निसर्गाचा घ्यावा
इथेच मनाला मिळतो विसावा .
बंधन ना कशाचे असावे
भु भ्रमण हे स्वप्न असावे .
उंच भरारी नभात घ्यावी
पृथ्वी पंखांच्या कवेत घ्यावी .
निसर्गाचे हे सुंदर वरदान
करा भटकंती , करा उड्डाण .

– प्रणव पाटील



अस्थिर मी …

कधी कधी
मनात विचार येतो ,
मनाचा बुद्धीसोबत
झगडा लावून जातो .
तेव्हा मन अस्थिर होते ,
विचारांत गुंतते,
स्वतःवरच चिडते,
पण स्वतः शेवटी
स्वतः ची समजूत घालून
स्वतःला शांत करते.
मन हे असे उगाच भटकते ,
खरे खुरे सत्य सोडून
कल्पनेच्या विश्वात फिरते,
आनंद तिथे शोधून मग
पुन्हा वर्तमानात उतरते.
असे हे का भटकते
वर्तमानात जगता येत नाही म्हणून,
की सत्य समजत नाही म्हणून,
याचाच विचार केला मी
शेवटी कळले,
भविष्यात आनंद शोधतो मी म्हणून
भटकते हे मन वर्तमान सोडून
भटकते हे मन वर्तमान सोडून…..

– प्रणव पाटील


कळत पण वळत नाही

This line exactly fits my life now.

The days are passing but the life is stagnant. I think this the longest vacation for me in the previous 6 years . To much Relaxation.

Lazyness has reached to it’s optimum level.

It’s about yesterday

Yesterday I forgot to write .

The day was not different . General routine was going on. I like the mornings and evenings , afternoon is quite boring these days.

Rain is playing hide and seek here. Still it is enough for farmers to sow the seeds. I read भारतीय विवहसंस्थेचा इतिहास yesterday. The book is Very good as it gives the complete details about how ancient marriage were taking place. It also helps us to understand the real nature of Yadnya (यज्ञ) and why it was started .


Some days


Today ,

I watched movie ” Good Will Hunting ” that is a good movie. Whole day was dedicated to movie and my friends.

I realised that curiosity is the only and most important thing. Man is alive untill he is curious .


Today , I decide to write something daily here . The reason is that I am quite free nowadays and at the end of the day I would like to share something that I did throughout the day and what I gained from that. Everyone wants to speak for everything. I don’t want to speak I just want to write about something.

Thank yOu

Blank Page 

I like the blankness of Page.

The colourlessness of coloured thing in visible region.

Blankness refers me ,

The innocence of child.

The calmness of Nature.

The opportunity in life.

Time to create memories.

The space to get lost with our thoughts.

Lesson for heart and mind of Stillness .

To keep uniformity ( non duality) in life.

It suggests me,

To live purposelessly .

To play unboundedly.

It encourages me,

To create a beautiful art on it.

To paint it with the colours of feelings.

To provide value to it.

To struggle for nothing.

To get ready for any change .

To find out something that is missing in life.

To fill colors in someone’s empty life .

To make such a clear and pure mind.

To have hope that it will get painted.

To make an incredible painting in this unique life.

To accept the good and bad paintings equally.

Finally , it asks me love like colours , increase the beauty of world.